Falcons' rookie linemen will take lumps

But they could still give Falcons the best chance to win...

The Morning Show w/ John & Hugh
May 13, 2019 - 7:35 am

After the Atlanta Falcons' rookie Minicamp wrapped up over the weekend, John and Hugh discussed the top two picks and the possibility that they line up for the first snaps of Week 1.

John Fricke had some questions for Hugh.

"How comfortable are you with the idea of two rookies side by side opening game against Minnesota," Fricke asked.

Hugh understands the concern, but feels that if they win those roles than it's for a reason.

"Are they going to take their lumps? Yes. Are they going to make mistakes? Yes," answered Hugh. "If they're out there starting it means Coach Quinn feels they give you the best chance to win a football game. They just can't be out there looking like keystone cops, getting Matt Ryan killed out there."

John somewhat agreed and also adds that their impact could go further than just protecting Ryan. 

"How you're better on defense is to be better on offense," said Fricke.