Falcons RB Ito Smith: I model my play after a Saints legend

The Midday Show w/ Andy & Randy
November 07, 2018 - 1:47 pm

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Atlanta Falcons Running Back Ito Smith joined Rick and John live from Flowery Branch. 

They kicked it off talking about coming to the Falcons and Smith knew it would be an opportunity to learn from some of the best backs in the league. Smith said as a competitor that you want to be on the field so he had to trust his training and practice to get him on the field.

They wanted to know about his influences and Smith told us he patterned his running style after Reggie Bush and wore his number when he played park ball. From there, Smith described his mindset when he knows the play is being called for him and what happens during the play.

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John talks about Julio Jones finally getting into the end zone and Smith talks about the celebration and how it was not planned. They all just ran on the field because he deserves it but Rick reminds him it's four touchdowns to Julio's one. John talks about the film room and the feeling of added pressure. Smith says he knows how much work that needs to be done and they work hard every week.

Finally, Smith calls Matt Ryan a cool dude who is smart and is always putting in the work. 

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