Ridley left off midseason top-10 rookie rankings

John and Hugh
November 08, 2018 - 10:40 am

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Twitter was buzzing Wednesday after ESPN released its top-10 midseason NFL rookies list that left out some notable players around the league.

One local rookie, who currently ranks second in the league with seven touchdowns, was left off completely. Cue the Atlanta Falcons:

John Fricke of the Morning Show, had the same question we all may have had upon first seeing the list: "Baker Mayfield over Calvin Ridley?" 

"Who has the better chance of 'Rookie of the Year:' Baker Mayfield or Calvin Ridley?"

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John continues. "I'm sorry, you cannot say that it's Baker Mayfield."

Meanwhile, other teams in the league had a response for their impactful rookies that were omitted from ESPN's list. Oh, the player that leads the league in interceptions, Panthers rookie CB Donte Jackson? Also left off the list.