Archer with Allen out long-term: 'See if somebody's willing to do a deal'

And which team is willing to give up a safety of that quality?

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September 24, 2018 - 9:39 am

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The Atlanta Falcons fell to the New Orleans Saints 43-37 in overtime on Sunday.

While losing a division game hurts, potentially losing safety Ricardo Allen for the season would be an even bigger loss for the Falcons. 

Allen went down early in the overtime period, and with the Saints driving, you could tell his absence had a serious impact on the defense getting lined up.

Falcons Radio Network analyst Dave Archer said losing linebacker Deion Jones was 1a; potentially losing Ricardo Allen would be 1b.

"Ricardo Allen is essentially their coach on the field. He lines everybody up in the secondary; in fact, he lines everybody up in the linebacking core as well. Ricardo's knowledge of what they're trying to do from a game-plan stand point and his knowledge of the opponent and how hard he studies-- truly the quarterback tag that you would give a defensive player, it would certainly be Ricardo Allen."

Besides essentially being the coach of the defense on the field, it's the intangibles Allen brings that would bring an even bigger blow if his injury is indeed long term.

"You lose what he brings from an enthusiasm standpoint, a pick-me-up standpoint; a tremendous amount of leadership qualities are attached to Ricardo Allen. There's a lot of things that you are going to lose if Rico can't go, and it doesn't look very good right now."

While we await word of the status of Allen, Coach Dan Quinn addressed the media in his post game press conference about potentially looking outside with the amount of injuries mounting:

“Thomas and I just discussed that, and we’ll continue to discuss that afterwards. We have some other guys with some versatility that we’ll try to plug around. We’ll see what the length of the injuries are. That would certainly make a difference if we went outside to consider looking at anybody else. If it’s shorter term, then likely we would stay inside.”

Presuming the worst when it comes to Ricardo Allen, Archer said the Falcons may have no other choice but to look outside of the organization for help.

"I think you're going to have to look around and see if somebody's willing to do a deal. I know the one that everybody's talking about is the safety in Seattle (Earl Thomas)." 

Archer went on to say the Falcons don't have another Damontae Kazee sitting there, and Pro Bowl caliber safeties aren't just walking the streets freely.

"It's probably going to take making some kind of deal meaning trade draft picks or something like that if you need to go get a guy-- and who's willing to give up a safety that's maybe that quality of player?"