Falcons Right to Keep Dan Quinn

Thomas Mott
January 08, 2020 - 4:31 am

They say hindsight is 20-20. People always tend to overreact to different sports organizations or teams that make decisions counter to what the general fan and public wants.

Today, two more NFL head coaching vacancies were filled to the delight of Carolina and the disgust of New York.

Panthers fans seemed thrilled with Matt Rhule (as they should be), whereas Giants fans seem dismayed by the no-name hire of Joe Judge. Time will tell which teams made the right hire, but all of these new coaching hires have made one thing very clear to me.

The Falcons were right to keep Dan Quinn.

Keeping Quinn wasn’t the popular thing to do. Keeping Quinn wasn’t the sexy thing to do. But looking around now, it was definitely the right thing to do.

Seriously, there were originally five HC openings. All have been filled now except one, Cleveland. Washington hired Ron Rivera, Carolina hired Matt Rhule, The Giants hired Joe Judge and the Cowboys inked Mike McCarthy.

If you wanted the Falcons to fire DQ and hire someone new, these would have been your options. Which one would you have wanted to pretend to get excited about?

McCarthy? He’s the only one with a Super Bowl ring, but got run out of Green Bay after back-to-back losing seasons in 2017 and 2018 because they never had a decent defense or a top-10 running game. And (oh yeah) he couldn’t get along with the best QB talent we’ve ever seen in Aaron Rodgers.

Rivera? He had one great season behind Cam Newton and then finished with six losing seasons in nine years in Carolina. Plus if he wasn’t good enough for your division rival why would he be good enough for us?

Judge? A Belichick disciple sure, but what Belichick disciple actually has had success? Mike Vrabel was a Pats player not a coach. Oh, and Judge was the WR coach in New England this year. Ask Mohammad Sanu how that worked out.

Rhule? Sure, a favorite of mine who had massive success in college, but who was the last big-name college coach to have sustained success in the NFL? In recent history Pete Carrol is the only one with sustained success. Harbaugh didn’t last. Chip Kelly didn’t last. Hell, even Nick Saban was here for a minute and back to CFB the next.

Here’s the deal, I take one look at the coaches being hired right now by other organizations and yes, there’s some potential hits. But I see a lot of potential busts.

The Falcons were right to keep Quinn. The players love him, he provides stability, and in the end makes a lot more sense than trying to get excited about one of the hires we’ve seen over the past few days.