Koonin: Young's opportunity for growth higher than Schroder's

Dukes & Bell
July 20, 2018 - 5:09 pm

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Steve Koonin, Atlanta Hawks CEO, joined Dukes & Bell Friday.

"We are excited about Trae Young and Jeremy Lin is a Harvard-educated leader," said Koonin.

On Trae Young's struggles in Utah... 

"It was hard for him playing 5-on-5 with players he wasn't used to," Koonin continued. "The way we bring in free agents is to have someone like Trae who makes people better."

Koonin on LeBron going to the Los Angeles Lakers... 

"It's spectacular for the league," said Koonin. "Having LeBron in the second biggest market in the country is great for the league."

Koonin on Kawhi Leonard: "Toronto is about as far away from L.A. as a human can get." 

Koonin on Adam Silver: "He is an excellent leader." ​