Koonin: 'Trae Young has unparalleled court vision'

Dukes & Bell
November 16, 2018 - 5:06 pm

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Steve Koonin joined Dukes & Bell, and talked about an article recently written about the Trae Young “I read the same article, my takeaway was he was called one of the future stars in the league, and yes I’m being snippy. Shots will fall, sometimes his shot selection is a little bit aggressive, Trae Young has showed a vision in passing that’s almost non parallel in the league right now.”

 When asked about the drama in Golden State Steve said “First of all this is news chatter, that was a pretty vicious argument in the heat of battle and it got a little personal, but everyone is trying to paint Durant as the most sensitive superstar, there are politics in every locker room and you have to manage those but until something happens I take it as it is, but I was a little surprised they suspended him without pay, but the real truth will never be out there.”

 Koonin told the guys that these situations don’t hurt the league “The NBA has gotten to the point where there’s always a story, there is always drama, Jimmy Butler just traded himself to Philly, look at the Carmelo situation in Houston, this sells tickets so it’s not really a bad thing.”