Schlenk: Don't overreact to Young's rocky debut

Wendy Adams
July 03, 2018 - 9:13 am

Atlanta Hawks general manager Travis Schlenk joined John and Hugh on Tuesday to talk about signing all three of the team’s 2018 draft class. Schlenk is in Salt Lake City, Utah for the NBA’s Summer League.

First-round draft pick Trae Young made his summer league debut Monday night and had a bit of a rough start. He was 4 for 20 shooting from the field.

“Unfortunately, the way our society is today, we’re going to overreact to every little thing," said Schlenk. "Obviously he didn’t shoot the ball as well as he would’ve like but I thought overall, he played a pretty good game. It’s the first game; it’s a summer league game. If you can go out there and get 20 shots up, that tells you that you know how to play offense.”

Meanwhile, there have been a ton of moves made already in NBA free agency, including LeBron James signing a four-year deal with the Los Angeles Lakers, and DeMarcus Cousins linking on with the Golden State Warriors. Where do the Hawks stand as far as free agency goes? Schlenk said the team is in no rush, and likes where they are with their roster right now.

“We’re still in a wait-and-see mode and what trades may come our way," said the Hawks GM. "We’ll start to fill out the roster with the final two spots probably in the next week or so. We’re not shopping anybody. We’re fielding calls with most teams trying to dump some salary.”

Going back to the moves that have been made in the Western Conference, the Warriors added Boogie Cousins. Schlenk said the locker room dynamic should be interesting.

“On the court, you can’t deny his talent with his ability to space the floor and pass the ball," said Schlenk. "It’ll be interesting to see him and Draymond [Green] how they interact in the locker room. They’re both fiery guys.”

The move everyone was talking about was James choosing to head out west to join the Lakers. With James opting out of the Eastern Conference, does this ramp up the Hawks rebuilding timeline?

Schlenk says they're sticking to their plan.

Listen to the full interview below.