Schlenk: Focus on the future in final 24 games

The Morning Show w/ John & Hugh
February 20, 2019 - 10:49 am

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While the players and coaches are enjoying the All-Star break, Hawks GM Travis Schlenk took some time out of his busy schedule to talk with John and Hugh about the team's final 24 games of the regular season.

The Hawks will resume play on Friday at State Farm Arena, and Schlenk talked about what he's looking for over the team's final games. 

“What we're going to try to do is continue to do is give some of our younger guys more minutes to kind of see what we have," Schlenk said. He pointed out rookie Jaylen Adams in particular who was brought up after veteran guard Jeremy Lin's departure. 

"He's basically taking Jeremy's spot so it'll be a great opportunity for him to show what he can do to (not only) us but the rest of the league as well. He's going to be getting 15-20 minutes a night, and we can have a chance to see if we think he's a piece of our long-term future."

With things winding down, Schlenk provided some insight into the future as well. 

“We've got, what we think, is a nice nucleus, a nice core. Obviously, we just need to keep adding to it. As these young guys develop, keep getting better--I think the future's real bright for us."

A lot's going to be determined, though, by the work these guys put in this summer. Just because we only have 24 games left doesn't mean that year one's in the book for these guys," Schlenk said as they've already started working on the team's offseason conditioning program.

"These guys' dedication, really 12 months throughout the year, is really going to determine where we can get to."

Although he didn't attend Sunday's NBA All-Star game, Schlenk was sure to be in the building for John Collins and Trae Young's participation in the Friday and Saturday's All-Star events. 

"I thought it was great for those two guys and the organization and the city to get some recognition. We’ve only had one national TV game this season, and that was at the beginning of the season. (The experience) was great for them and great for us.”

Second-year forward John Collins participated in the Slam Dunk contest on Friday night. Unfortunately for Collins, he didn't adavnce to the final round, with some saying he was robbed. Schlenk said it wasn't for lack of trying.

“I think a few missed what John was trying to do with homage to the Wright Brothers."