With 5 picks, Hawks GM says package deal to move up an option

The Midday Show w/ Andy & Randy
May 15, 2019 - 12:49 pm

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The Atlanta Hawks entered Tuesday night's NBA draft lottery with a 10.5 percent chance of landing one of the top-four picks. However, the odds weren't enough. Instead, the Hawks hold the eighth and 10th picks (via the Dallas Mavericks) in June 20th's NBA Draft.

Hawks general manager Travis Schlenk joined Andy Bunker and Randy McMichael on Wednesday and said the NBA accomplished what they wanted to do.

"Obviously we're not excited about falling back three spots from five to eight but we went into the season, when we made the trade last year during the draft to give ourselves two lottery picks, and we got that. So we're excited about it," Schlenk said.

"I think the system, in general, accomplished what the league set out to do."

But having two picks in the first round could be used to the Hawks advantage.

"I think what it does give us to do, the opportunity to do, is to look at all the options available," Schlenk said. "Whether it be to try to package--you know we have five picks in this draft and they're all in the top-44 of the draft."

"We like all our picks but maybe we look to package some of those picks to move up in an area of the draft. Or maybe like last year, maybe we see that there's a guy we like that maybe we can slide back from one of those spots and still get him...Anytime you have five picks, it gives you a lot of optionality."

Prior to the selections being announced, top prospect Zion Williamson was shown on stage double-tapping on logo in particular: the Atlanta Hawks. A lot of fans took the notion to mean Atlanta was the top destination Zion wanted to play.

"Obviously we were hoping we'd get to move up but it didn't happen. We're happy at eight," Schlenk said.

"I think everyone knows that there was a guy in this draft that a lot of people think is going to be transformational and we were excited to have a 10 percent chance to get that pick but it didn't happen. But we like where we are."