Hawks can still do damage in this draft

Trust Travis Schlenk and his track record

The Morning Show w/ John & Hugh
May 15, 2019 - 7:05 am

With Tuesday's NBA Draft Lottery handing the Atlanta Hawks the #8 and #10 picks, fans had mixed feelings. Certainly many were happy that the Hawks received the pick from Dallas from the Doncic-Young trade, however there was also disappointment that a possible top four pick ended up being #8 overall.

On Wednesday's Morning Show, John Fricke and Hugh Douglas shared their thoughts and they both played around wtih the same idea, that with Travis Schlenk as General Manager, the Hawks can still do damage in this draft. 

Fricke began by asking you to trust the Hawks GM, "you're giving Travis Schlenk two top 10 picks, a guy that has proven to you that he can go as far as #19 and find John Collins."

Hugh recalled what Schlenk had told him before the Draft Lottery and why fans should still be optimistic. "Yesterday he (Schlenk) said the best case scenario was getting two picks in the top 10 and they got that" Hugh said. He added, "it's unfortunate as Hawks fans it wasn't in the top 5, but I still think Travis is going to be able to get some guys that are going to come in here and be players."

Hugh continued, "the immediate reaction is nobody's going to be available at those picks. If you're not drafting in the first five a lot of people feel that you don't have a chance to get a good player. John Collins is an outlier. Draymond Green. So that's not the case."

And finally, Hugh Douglas closed by warning fans not to give up hope just because it's not a juicy name, "it's not gonna be a name that was falling off our lips the last few weeks, but I still think you're going to get some quality guys with the 8th and 10th picks."