Hawks: It's Only A Matter of Time

Thomas Mott
March 04, 2020 - 1:02 am
Trae Young

© Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports


The game last night against Memphis was NOT good.  Everything was set to be a great match.  Instead, it was a dumpster fire.  The plus-minuses were ridiculous.  The Hawks are not even CLOSE to being consistent in the NBA. 

Last night proved it.  Memphis is good, but not great.  Bruno Fernando looks lost and is not ready to rock.  He had 2 points had 6 rebounds and a -31+-.  An article posted on ESPN by Kirk Goldsberry, truely puts into perspective how awful this team is.  When Trae Young sits...the Hawks score 94 per 100 possessions, vs 111 per 100, when Trae is on the court. 

When Trae is on the bench, the Hawks defense is ranked 6th in the NBA!  This problem is vexing.  Either the Hawks can't score, or they can't play defense.  So, what do the Hawks do?  Does Clint Capela solve all of these problems? 

The big takeaway is this: How much longer are we going to say, "It's only a matter of time."  Last night people were leaving State Farm Arena in droves, with 10 minutes still to play.  If big things don't change, problems will persist into next season. 

The Hawks are viewed favoribly in the eyes of the city and fans but, it really IS only a matter of time...before the fan-base is done.