John Collins Hates Losing

Thomas Mott
March 11, 2020 - 3:33 am
John Collins | Cody Zeller

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So the other day, Chris Kirschner from the Athletic released an incredible piece on John Collins. Apparently, Kirschner was granted an interview with Collins that lasted over and hour. They talked about everything, free agency, teammates, money, losing, I mean it is a fantastic article.

However, as with most interviews, for me there is always one really big takeaway.

John Collins does not want to be in Atlanta long-term.

No seriously. He doesn’t. Like go read the article, it’s very clear.

Oh, you don’t believe me?

Listen to this quote from John Collins taken from Kirschner’s article.

“Not to make it a sob story, but coming from a player who has already been on two rebuilding teams and now in my third year on a rebuilding team, it’s like what more can I say of how tired I am… It’s frustrating and difficult to go out there every night as an underdog, knowing you’re probably going to lose, knowing you still have to play hard and prove yourself to your teammates, coaches and higher-ups that you’re still valuable. I’ts hard to do it every night because people don’t think there’s pressure playing on losing teams. It’s like people think, ‘Oh you’re playing losing basketball. You’re possessions don’t matter’.  I feel like they matter even more because that’s when they’re truly watching if you’re developing or not.”

Geez. That’s rough.

Do you believe me now?

First off, he makes some great points here. We all just assume that life is easy on a losing team but the reality is that it’s not.

Secondly, if this is how he feels with the current state of the Hawks. What would make anyone believe that John Collins wants to come back to the Hawks?

For starters, Collins has one year left on his rookie deal and then it’s off to free agency in 2021. Rumors were already swirling around the Feb. 6th trade deadline that teams were calling about Collins.

The Hawks chose not to deal him which shos their commitment to him but who’s to say John is committed right back to the Hawks?

Remember my segment like 3 months ago where I explained how losing games is only going to push Trae Young away to the point that he might leave? And that the Hawks better surround him with talent so that the doomsday scenario of Trae leaving after his rookie contract doesn’t become a reality?

Well it sounds like we need to start thinking the same thing for John Collins.

If the Hawks do not improve dramatically in 2020, he’s gone. Hell, if the Hawks aren’t locked into the Eastern Conference playoffs by this time next year, I wouldn’t blame him for wanting to leave.

Losing takes a toll, not just on management, not just on fans but also on the players themselves. Chris Kirschner’s sit down with John Collins proved one thing and one thing only.

The Hawks better figure out how to win fast or their second best player won’t be sticking around for much longer.