Hawks open to anything in draft, even PG

Dukes & Bell
June 17, 2019 - 5:40 pm

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Atlanta Hawks Coach Lloyd Pierce joined Dukes & Bell Monday to talk about the upcoming 2019 NBA Draft, how he evaluates players, and whether the team would draft another point guard.

Pierce talked about the evaluation process with the guys.

“During the workouts the important part is to evaluate everyone,” Pierce said. “There is certain stuff you can evaluate on film, and other things you have to see in person. I try to find the 'no’s' instead of the 'yes’s.' There’s no way I can coach that guy, or there is no way he’s an NBA player and that’s very valuable because when the pick comes up it’s not an emotional decision it’s a very well educated and versed decision."

Lloyd said that he always loves seeing players with defensive skills in draft.

“I always want to see guys with defensive skills,” Pierce said. “You want to find guys that can add things to your roster. You want to find guys who have a great base and can grow into things you want them to be. There are a few guys in the top 15-20 that have a great base as far as defensive skills.”

When asked if he wants the team to use all six picks in the draft.

 “No I don’t,” Pierce said. “We’ve got six picks adding on to three second-year players. So I think less is more, packaging one or two picks and getting the guy you want. Six guys is tough.”

Pierce told the guys he’s open to getting another ball-dominant player on the team.

“The current champion in Toronto had two point guards on the floor at the end of the game,” Pierce said. “We could draft a 6-foot-9 guy who needs the ball in his hand like Trae. The more you draft ball dominant guys the better. Doesn’t mean they have to have the ball in their hand to be effective, because when Trae gets blitzed we need a guy who can handle the ball. So to have multiple playmakers with the ball in their hand is elite stuff.”


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