Hittin' the Hardwood, Ep. 015: With Schroder gone, Young can develop faster

DeShaun Tate
July 20, 2018 - 7:34 pm

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In the final 2018 episode of our NBA draft podcast Hittin' The Hardwood (Season 2, Episode 016) with DeShaun Tate & Gordon Robinson, the guys share their thoughts on some of the recent moves around the NBA as they relates to the league's postseason. 

Who stood out among the rest from the Utah and Las Vegas Summer League? Which impact players could lead next season's Rookie of the Year voting and who surprised NBA general managers with their productive play?

Included is a detailed and complete breakdown of the Summer League's All-NBA First & Second team. 

In the "Hawk Tawk" segment,  Tate and Robinson provide analysis and grades on Trae Young, John Collins and the team from Las Vegas. How do you feel about the direction the Hawks are moving in following the decision to trade Dennis Schroder? 

What does the deal mean for the Hawks' future and what will ultimately determine Young's success rate in the eyes of the casual NBA/Hawks fan.

Does Young's game translate to the NBA level and will he be ready to lead Atlanta's ball club from Day 1?

Lastly, can White Castle or Krystal measure up to Waffle House?