Trae Young Big Attraction for NBA Free Agents

Duane Walker
January 24, 2020 - 1:28 am

It was announced Thursday night that Atlanta Hawks point guard Trae Young will be a starter on the All-Star team for the East. He is the first starter from the Hawks since Dikembe Mutombo 22 years ago.

The success of Young brings positivity to the city of Atlanta and Duane Walker talks about how this will benefit the Hawks going forward.  

When Young was drafted after a trade with Dallas people questioned what type of guard he would be, how durable would he be, and can he deliver? Duane explains how difficult it is to do this in only your second year and how other veterans didn’t make the team.

“It should give you an idea of his worth, his value, and his trajectory as it relates to his NBA career,” Walker said.

The Hawks are only a couple of pieces away from being a big factor in the Eastern Conference. Duane believes this sort of success and attention to Atlanta will woo free agents to want to play alongside Trae.