Mott: Don't Be Petty Trae

Thomas Mott
February 12, 2020 - 1:28 am
Trae Young

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Something happened in Atlanta sports last night that everyone is missing.

Trae Young did something extremely petty and immature and no one is holding him accountable.

Like literally everyone has glossed over this huge problem that sprung from the Lloyd Pierce comments about Trae Young being left off of the Team USA Olympic Basketball Team.

First off, let me just say that it’s all very dumb. Trae should be on that team. However, instead of just stating that fact and moving on. Everyone is hung up on what Lloyd Pierce said about it and not how Trae Young responded to the snub.

Now, for those of you who have not heard the sound clip. Shortly after originally telling the media that he understood why Trae Young was not one of the final 44 selected, Lloyd again met with the media to make amends by saying this

Obviously a backtrack. Obviously, it was brought to his attention that his first comments upset Trae. That’s fine. No problem with clarifying what he said originally. Pierce did nothing wrong.

What I do find very interesting and what is the whole point of this segment is the pettiness of Trae Young.

Shortly after the 44 players who made the team were announced, Trae tweeted this:

Little petty.

THEN. Shortly after Lloyd Pierce's original comments about how Team USA is earned and players who played in the past get grandfathered in and that Trae hasn’t earned his spot yet, Trae Young tweeted the following:


Guys, that’s obviously Trae taking a shot at his head coach.

Unless this is some massive coincidence that 10 minutes after Pierce’s comments Trae just happened to tweet something, Trae Young is being petty.

First off, why does this matter to Trae at all? He had a zero percent chance to actually make the final 12 and play in the Olympics. And to be honest, of the 44 players selected, you can argue that all of the true point guards are currently better than him and have won more than him in the past.

Guys, Trae is phenomenal. But Kyrie Irving, Kemba Walker, Russell Westbrook and Steph Curry are all better than Trae right now.

Is Trae Young really that upset that he got left off a team that he wouldn’t have made anyway? Does the validation of team USA really matter so much that you have to take a shot at your current head coach on Twitter?

I love Trae. He’s the brightest star that we have in the city of Atlanta. But if no one is going to call him out for his pettiness I have zero problem doing so.

Trae Young’s team is 15-40. That’s something to be upset about. Trae Young’s over here worried about his coach just telling it as it is on an Olympic team with much bigger and more important stars than Trae Young.

With great power comes great responsibility. Besides defense, if there’s one thing Trae needs to work on, it’s not being petty and reacting on Twitter over stuff that really doesn’t matter at all.