Atlanta resident takes home reality show title

Charity Witt wins "the Titan Games" women division

Arthur Triche
March 01, 2019 - 10:55 am

Arthur Triche - 929 the Game


On Thursday night, Dwayne ("the Rock's) Johnson's reality show - "the Titan Games - aired its final episode of the season on NBC and the women's division of the competition featured a resident of Atlanta, Charity Witt, and Friday morning, she stopped by the 929 studios relieving her experience with Jon Chuckery and Hugh Douglas.

When talking about the grueling process she went through to compete in Johnson’s reality show, the 26-year-old Witt described how she felt now that it's over.

“Relieved," she said.  "I can actually talk about it now."

The finale took placed back in September, adn the entire show was shot over a grueling four-week period of time, according to Witt.

"NBC was good at having us on a tight ship.  It was fast-paced.  We'd get on set around 3 pm, and we'd be there until about 3 am, do interview the next morning and then back in the gym at 3.  It was a lot easier to workout before filming, and we didn't have optimal conditions.  You had to think about what was better for competition, so I stayed off my feet as much as possible, so that I could crush it when I'm in the competition."

Residing in Atlanta since 2011, she's currently recovering after tearing her hamstring during a powerlifting event, so she's taking some personal time for herself right now.

With the exposure from winning the Titan Games, Witt wants to open a performance training facility here in Atlanta or somewhere else.

"Take my high-end clients who are professional or retired professional athletes, with a facility that caters specifically for performance, and that's also available to the public."

She also talked to the guys about suffering a heart attack at 17 and how she rebounded, saying, “stress is a huge factor, and I don’t think the general public understands how detrimental that can be on your body."

While she's certainly much better nowadays, Witt explained how she had to change everything about her life, "I wasn’t really living a lifestyle dedicated to health.  I was working 60-70 hours, with high stress, and I wasn't eating right, wasn't working out and that forced me to treat myself better. That was the wakeup call.  I had to take care of myself."