Corso: Expecting 150,000 people through Atlanta for Super Bowl

... with hopes to generate millions for the city.

The Morning Show w/ John & Hugh
January 24, 2019 - 11:44 am



Here comes the big party as Atlanta prepares for Super Bowl 53 at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on February 3rd.

President of the Atlanta Sports Council Dan Corso joined John and Hugh on Thursday to talk about the week of events leading up to the big game.

How much potential money could the city of Atlanta end up making from all the activities from the Super Bowl?

"We have a preliminary suggested study for Super Bowl 53 ranging from $185 million to $205 million. It's significant, but there are other studies out there from previous Super Bowls that are a lot, lot more than that. We kind of went the conservative approach to begin with and, once the event comes through, we'll do a post-event study and we expect that number to be a lot higher."

Not only will the city see a big monetary value of having the Super Bowl in town, it's also increased exposure worldwide for people to see what Atlanta has to offer. 

"We're expecting 5,000 credentialed media from 25 different countries to come in and tell the story of Atlanta and the Super Bowl. Their content can't be all about the game; they have to talk about other things. That's the opportunity where we can really showcase everything Atlanta has to offer as a place to live and work."

Despite the New Orleans Saints not playing in the game (and their proximity likely to have driven more fans to town than the current two teams), how many fans are expected to come through the city of Atlanta?

"We're expecting 150,000 people to come into Atlanta, no matter the teams and who they might be playing. They're going to come in here and enjoy just all the surroundings and the atmosphere, the buzz and the energy of a Super Bowl week; and they more than likely won't have a ticket to the game. At the end of the day with the Pats and the Rams, we're hearing and seeing that excitement and buzz."