Longshore: Pity gives you something other players don't

Dukes & Bell
July 22, 2019 - 3:31 pm

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Jason Longshore joined Dukes & Bell to talk about the big win over D.C. United, plus Pity Martinez’s big performance.

Jason said Nagbe’s pass is apart of his game that’s been overlooked.

“We can go thru the last.” Longshore said “Nagbe was big in that goal, Pity Martinez comes off the bench and was huge, it’s an element of Nagbe’s game that we haven’t seen much out of and it’s been big for Atlanta United.”

Longshore talked about Atlanta’s style of play was what wore down D.C.

 “Atlanta was able to wear them down.” Longshore said “I thought Atlanta was in better shape because they didn’t have to work as hard being a man up in that match against Houston on Wednesday. D.C. did wear down, and you have to get Atlanta credit for that, D.C. made a decision to sit back and then attack on the counter and one reason you get those goals late is because you attacked them and wore them down late.”

When asked about Pity’s performance off the bench on Sunday.

“The goal is just work, throwing your body in and making something happen.” Longshore said “The pass is something not many players in this league have that, not many players have that ability to do that. This is why you have to manage his minutes, at River Plate he didn’t play a full 90 minutes often, you wanted him to be in these types of minutes because you need him, he gives you something different like he did with that goal and that pass.”