McCann: 'Last season we were an unknown thing'

Dukes & Bell
July 19, 2018 - 3:03 pm

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Chris McCann, midfielder for the Atlanta United, joined Dukes and Bell Thursday and told the guys about the now infamous play where he was grabbed in the box.

“Just one of those plays," the midfielder said. "I think everyone has seen the pics and videos of him having me around the neck. I don’t know what the purpose of VAR is if it’s not going to be used in a situation like that.”

When asked if it is frustrating when teams sit in the box and try to slow the game down against them...

“It’s really frustrating, but on the flip side you have to understand that last season we were an unknown thing, and now they know we’re a really good team and teams have come in with new game plans," said McCann. "Seattle’s whole game plan was to come in here and play defensively and not allow us to break them down.”