Guzan: It's on the players to change the results

Dukes & Bell
April 11, 2019 - 3:11 pm

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United Goalkeeper Brad Guzan joined Dukes & Bell to talk about the time off the team has had, what the team needs to do moving forward, and how much do X’s and O’s actually mean.

Guzan talked about the off time the team has had.

“Whenever you have an off week it gives you an opportunity to get after it.” Guzan said “If there are a few new names and bodies it is what it is and we have to find a way to go get three points or a result.”

Brad told the guys that it’s more than just x’s and o’s.

 “You can talk about x’s and o’s, ultimately we have to be better.” Guzan said “It certainly hasn’t been the same since last year, and that’s on the players, it’s on the players to change that.”

Brad said that nothing hurts more than losing.

 “Nothing hurts more than the results we’ve had.” Guzan said “Everything changes when you win games, you don’t feel the bumps and bruises as much when you’re scoring goals and getting results and that’s the ultimate goal.”