Guzan: 'when we get our chances we have to capitalize'

Dukes & Bell
November 08, 2018 - 3:00 pm

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Brad Guzan joined Dukes & Bell and talked about his play on Sunday, including NYCFC getting no shots on goal “You try and help out the guys in front of you as much as you can, so I came out and got a couple of crosses and such. That just shows you what kind of work we put in as a defensive unit shutting guys down and not letting them have any room to operate.”

 Brad talked to the guys about the “Aside from the result that was a huge stepping stone, knowing the type of performance we put in, to see the commitment, the desire, the determination was huge, more than the result because we turned up from the first minute to the last minute.”

 When asked about the goal that was overturned by VAR Guzan said “There have been some VAR decisions that have went for us, some that have went against us, but to have it called back in that big of a moment was deflating, but I’m really glad how we responded.”

Guzan discussed the style of game we might see on Sunday “We know they’re going to commit numbers forward, they have to win the game and score, we know it won’t be your regular game so we have to make sure we get after him and when we get our chances we have to capitalize and score.”