Gressel: Haven't had a real training section in four weeks

Dukes & Bell
March 21, 2019 - 3:42 pm

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Julian Gressel joined Dukes & Bell talked about the rough start to the season, the changes the team has dealt with to start the season, and how the training schedule has been affected.

Gressel talked about the compressed schedule to start the season.

“I remember the first year when we had a compressed schedule and had a pretty tough schedule in September and this one was tougher.” Gressel said “I picked up an injury to my ankle so the last few weeks were tough so I’m happy to have some time off.”

Julian discussed how the training schedule has been affected with so many games to start the season.

 “We just have to get the rest first and foremost.” Gressel said “The games haven’t gone the way we wanted them to, but if you look at the tactics side of things obviously we have to figure some things out to get it right on the field. In the last four weeks we haven’t been able to really work on the tactical stuff in training, and now we have some time to figure out what we want to look like.”

When asked about the changes the team has dealt with.

 “The change was big with Miggy leaving and Pity coming in, and then the coaching change.” Gressel said “I think it’s just a matter of time, we’re getting a better feeling on the field and we’re heading the right direction and I think the results will come.”