Five Stripes' loss was a team breakdown, not just Guzan

Facing a 10-man team not as easy you think

The Morning Show w/ John & Hugh
May 20, 2019 - 9:51 am

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Mike Conti joined The Morning Show with John and Hugh on Monday after the 1-0 loss and started by discussing the goal that Atlanta United gave up and why some people are focusing on Brad Guzan's performance on that play.

"Guzan may have been out of position on the goal, but (the) Red Bulls had numbers and he had to make a decision," Conti said. "That was a team breakdown. Wasn't on one guy; was on everyone. It was an exquisite counter by Red Bulls, give them credit."

Conti also spoke about the red card and how that changed the game Sunday night and maybe not for the positive.

"When you're playing 11 on 10 it's not like having a 60-minute power play," said Conti. "When you have 10 you can cover enough of the pitch defensively to make it hard to break it down. The red card may have been a bad break because when Red Bulls were pressing, (and) Atlanta United was handling it well and United has had trouble all year breaking down teams who sit back and defend."