de Boer: I think we are close to the right solutions

Dukes & Bell
April 18, 2019 - 3:38 pm

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Atlanta United Coach Frank de Boer joined Dukes & Bell to talk about the slow start to the season, what happened during the team’s break, and are things starting to look up for our United?

de Boer talked about adjusting to living in Atlanta.

“I think we are adjusting well, my family.” de Boer said “My wife, parents and my daughter is coming to Atlanta right now, there were some birds in the engines so they had to turn around, but my wife loves it here and with the nice weather coming what more could you ask for.”

 Coach talked about how big the two weeks off for the team was.

“I think it was crucial for us.” de Boer said “Our most important players have spent time with their international teams, but the last few weeks we had the whole team practicing together, I think we made our most progress the last few weeks. Not just from a physical standpoint, their mental standpoint and I think we are very close to playing our best.”

When asked about his preferred style of play.

 “We are a team that wants to dominate.” de Boer said “I want to dominate, play attractive football, create lots of chances and win of course, but the players have to execute it during the game so they have to feel comfortable, don’t think just play, normally when you are thinking you’re usually a few steps behind.”

 Coach said he’s always more worried about his own team than the opponent.

“I’m always more worried about our own chemistry.” de Boer “The opponent has to adjust to us, of course we have to adjust to our opponent some, but we need to know our weaknesses and maybe I made too much of that when we first started, I think defending wise we are doing a much better job. I could smell the win the two weeks leading up, the look in the players eyes, how they’re supporting their teammates.”

de Boer talked about what it takes to win championships.

“Championships you don’t win with one player you win with all eleven players. We have a lot of quality players, Gressel up front, Josef, Pity, Vilalba and Barco, you can’t play all of them together. He’s (Barco) doing great that’s for sure, I think it’s nice for him that he was involved in goals, depth is so important because when international tournaments happen we are going to lose someone  and we will have to have guys step up.”

de Boer said he feels much better about the state of the team.

“I feel much better.” de Boer said “I said to the players when you enter the locker room you can already feel the energy, whether it’s something with your wife and the energy is there she’s still mad with you, you feel that energy and it’s good, I felt it with Columbus and I felt that with New England, it’s just nice feeling the good energy.”