Arthur Blank on United Fans: 'the fans are really the owners of the team, I’m just the stewardship.'

Dukes & Bell
December 06, 2018 - 3:53 pm

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Atlanta United Owner Arthur Blank joined Dukes & Bell and talked the amazing year the team has had “We’ve had an incredible year on the pitch and in fan support, to think in our second year we are playing for the cup is a great tribute to not only our coaches and players and the fans for their support.”

 Mr. Blank spoke about how he found Darren Eales “We used a search firm, when we used the firm we made it clear to them that we had a global span and not just here in North America. Darren had background here from going to school here and playing here, after spending three hours with him we had him back for a second and he was clearly our choice, and we wanted to have someone who would look at things on a worldwide basis.”

 When asked about Mercedes Benz Stadium setup for soccer “The reason for that is we never built our stadium to be designed just for the NFL, we built if for FIFA standards in terms of all things that would be important for the soccer fans, so when you’re in the stadium Saturday night you would never know the Falcons play there and vice versa. We spent millions of dollars to make sure we could host FIFA events, and I think the fans can see that.”

 Mr. Blank told the guys who the real owners of the United are “It’s a collective vision, we’ve recruited some extremely talented people, who have brought in people who are equal to them, the fans are really the owners of the team, I’m just the stewardship.”

 When asked about Josef Martinez winning the MLS MVP award “I’m very proud of Josef, he’s a great young player, when he was speaking in Spanish he got very emotional about seeing his family, the reason he’s mvp is he’s surrounded by a great group of players, without their surrounding him he wouldn’t be as successful and that’s a credit to our coaching staff.”