Eales: Excited to see rebound performance

Dukes & Bell
May 21, 2019 - 4:28 pm

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Darren Eales joined Dukes & Bell to talk about the last week the United had, including their loss in New York Sunday to the Red Bulls.

Darren talked about the disappointing loss Sunday.

 “I think the last five times they’ve went a man down they haven’t lost a game.” Eales said “This stuff happens when you go up a man you think psychologically you’ve got this, it’s a shame because we had been on such a run so now just hope we rebound.”

When asked the scuffle after the game.

 “I get it from Red Bulls perspective.” Eales said “There was some frustration on their part after last year in the playoffs, they played well and battled hard. I thought it was a bit unnecessary but I’m not going to knock them because it was a good effort by them.”

Eales said the travel in the MLS is different than any other league in the world.

 “It is totally different.”  Eales said “The longest journey in the premier league is 250 miles, our shortest is 440 miles, it’s not really anything you get in any other league in the world. If you’d told us that we got four out of five wins in that stretch we would have slapped your hand, the important thing now is how do we rebound on Friday.”

Darren discussed the perceived scoring troubles the team has had.

 “If you take the six games as a whole it’s been much improved.” Eales said “You get this in soccer all the time, and once they start going in you can’t stop scoring them, excited for us to take more chances and hopefully those 1 nils and 2 nils turn into 3 and 4 nils.”

Eales said the match against Real Salt Lake won’t be easy.

“It’s going to be tough.” Eales said “Their style is letting continuing possession to the other team then attacking, which has been the kind of team that gives us problems. It was a disappointing weekend and I’m excited to see a rebound performance.”