Eales: 'It's all about what you do in the playoffs'

Dukes & Bell
August 13, 2019 - 6:50 pm

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Darren Eales joined Dukes & Bell to talk about the team’s win on Sunday, is the team at it’s best and more.

Eales talked about Josef breaking his own record.

“He’s really remarkable to score in his 10th consecutive game.” Eales said “I thought it was a brilliant performance all the way around.”

Darren said that the team has been showing signs of this for a while.

 “It was a great cross from Julian, but the way Pity made the turn and pass was great.” Eales said “It was a slow start but we’ve been showing signs of this for a long time, in our last 12 games we’ve scored 29 goals which would equate to 82 over a full season so that’s pretty good.”

Eales talked about power rankings.

 “To be honest it’s nice to read to pass the time but who really cares?” Eales said “All the pressure is going to be on LAFC, because it’s all about what you do in the playoffs.”

When asked about comments made recently by Frank de Boer.

 “Let me be clear from the start, this was Frank’s individual opinion on that topic.” Eales said “It certainly doesn’t reflect the position of the club, our club is now and always will be about supporting equality. He used the word “ridiculous” which got the headline that was a poor, very poor misguided us of the word, with English being his second actually his third language sometimes his words get misinterpreted but nevertheless there’s no wise word to use and Frank will have to explain his comments but I don’t believe the headline actually represented his true position on the topic.