Eales: MBS atmosphere 'was like Spinal Tap, it turned up to 11'

Dukes & Bell
November 27, 2018 - 4:25 pm

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Darren Eales joined Dukes & Bell and talked to the guys about the atmosphere on Sunday night.

“Our fans continue to astound us," said Eales. "But the atmosphere on Sunday and the Tifo, pictures that’ve gone around the globe so it’s just so cool. It was like Spinal Tap, it turned up to 11. Just the way everyone was in their seats early, and the players couldn’t not be lifted by that.”

Eales talked about the Red Bulls' strategy.

“It was interesting," said Eales. "If you look at the first 35 to 40 minutes, they played similar to the way they did against us earlier in the season. But congrats to Tata for taking what they gave them in the game.”

Eales told the guys he’s not worried about the weather on Thursday night.

“Our first-ever away game was in the snow in Minnesota, and I was frightened for the game but we’ve had some pretty chilly matches," said Eales. "So it’s really just about keeping our focus and our intensity more than anything,

When asked about the decision by VAR to call back the Red Bulls' goal on Sunday...

“Neither of us thought it was going to get called back," said Eales. "We thought it was the right decision, it was really a lot like the one against us in NYCFC, but we just didn’t think there would be enough to call it back. I think VAR works but you have to tell people what they are looking at or why it’s changed, because when people don’t hear they tell people wrong things, and we will be telling them that formally as a league for feedback to VAR.”

Eales told the guys whether the Five Stripes should change their strategy on Thursday with a three-goal lead.

“I don’t think so," said Eales. "I think the important thing is we have to keep that intensity. If we go out with the intensity we know we have the attacking prowess to score a goal. Now if we get the first goal, I think they might get the squeaky bum because it would make it five goals.”