Eales: United fans are right to have high expectations 

Dukes & Bell
March 12, 2019 - 4:49 pm

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Atlanta United is 1-3-1 overall in games played this season, and 0-1-1 in MLS play. After a 1-1 draw with expansion FC Cincinnati, manager Frank de Boer had this to say in his post-game press conference regarding Five Stripes supporters:

“Everybody was spoiled with the results of last season, so everyone has expectations, and that’s normal, but everybody also saw what happened with Toronto FC when they played in the Champions League last season.”

The Atlanta head manager apologized Tuesday for using the word 'spoiled' saying it was the wrong choice of word.

United President Darren Eales joined Dukes and Bell and also clarified de Boer's comments.

“This is a classic case of someone speaking in their fourth language," Eales said, noting that de Boer's first language is Dutch. "What he meant was our fans have gotten use to success therefore there will be high expectations and he’s absolutely right.”

With the slower start, United fans have been quick to point to the new man in charge as the first problem.

“Our job is we’re a support mechanism; Frank is the coach," Eales said. "He has total control over the scheme and how he wants to play. We’re there just to support him. The fan base see’s things and says 'that’s strange, why are you going that?' Different managers see different things. This isn’t anything we take lightly.”

But Eales said one person, in this case the manager, isn't all to blame for the club's rough start.

“Part of it is personnel as well. Franco Escobar has been out since day one of training camp. The reality is Pity is a different type of player. His fitting into the team is going to take some time.”

While the fan base may be frustrated with the rough start to the 2019 season, no one wants to turn things around more than they do.

“It’s fair to say, it hasn’t been to the level it was last season. Everyone can point to a mistake that they have made. No one feels it more than the players and the coaching staff in turning this around.”​