Eales: We can talk tactics, But have to play better

Dukes & Bell
October 30, 2018 - 4:07 pm

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Darren Eales joined Dukes & Bell and talked with the  guys about the loss in Toronto on Sunday “It was really disappointing, we knew that the first goal would be important an when we gave that up it made it tough, but we now have the playoffs and if we go out and win the cup no one will remember we didn’t win the shield.”

 Eales talked with the guys about the health of the team “We’ve got some injuries and hoping to get them back which will clearly help us, if we’re looking at the bright spots from the weekend was getting Garza back, which will give Tata a few more options going into the playoff game.”

 When asked about the tactics the team might use in the playoffs, Eales said “We can talk about tactics, but ultimately if you play like we did on the weekend, it doesn’t matter what formation you are in, perhaps we got the bad game out of us, we can relax and play like we know we can.”