Eales: Five Stripes will have new Manager in place by Jan. 14

Dukes & Bell
December 11, 2018 - 4:34 pm

Darren Eales joined Dukes & Bell and talked about the celebration after the MLS Cup victory.

“It’s been incredible how the city’s gotten behind the team," said Eales. "The parade was just an amazing turnout I sat in the parade and just said wow this is incredible.”

Eales talked about the trade of Greg Garza to the Cincinnati expansion club.

“The first thing is we’re in a salary-cap environment," said the club president. "The second thing is we had to make roster decisions the day after the cup. Greg will always be an Atlanta United legend. He was an All-Star in the first season of the team, and I was really pissed off when their coach revealed it on the draft show. But the odds were, we would be losing somebody today anyway.”

Eales talked about what he will be doing during the offseason.

“The trade window will happen," said Eales. "I’m sure some trades will be happening between teams, the free agency window is open so teams can talk to free agents that are out there, plus we have a coaching void to fill currently.”

When asked about what the team’s deadline is for naming a new Manager...

“For us we start the preseason the 14th of January, so for us we want to have a coach in place by the first day of preseason training," said Eales. "It’s important to have some experience, but there’s always a chance to find an up and comer, but look we’ve already built a base and team with a style so we need someone who’s not too proud to rip it all up because of pride.”