Eales: Would have to 'triple' the reported $11 million for Almiron for Eales to consider it

Dukes & Bell
October 09, 2018 - 4:32 pm

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President of Atlanta United, Darren Eales, joined Dukes and Bell on Tuesday and gave us an update on Miguel Almiron’s status.

“It’s his left hamstring," said the Five Stripes' president. "And as we said today he’s week to week, and we hope to get him back before the playoffs.”

Eales talked about what the team has ahead of it in the regular season.

“It’s always that physical balancing act," said Eales. "We are playing for the Supporters Shield, to get that No. 1 seed, and there is no doubt we are going to go out and try to win the next two games against two teams who will not be in the playoffs.”

When asked about the George Bello’s performance on Saturday... 

“It was a fantastic performance in his second ever start at the age of 16," said Eales. "He managed to beat his man and was able to finish it for the goal. We have his rights for the length of his contract, and it’s a decently long contract, and he has some time to grow.”

Eales addressed the reports about moving Miguel Almiron.

“It’s funny, you know," said Eales. "You’ve made it when they start to make up quotes from you. One was they called me Eagles and the other was the $11 million dollar fee. It would take triple that to even get out of bed to look at offers for Almiron.”