Longshore: Miles Robinson has been the best player on team this year

Dukes & Bell
March 18, 2019 - 3:18 pm

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Atlanta United Color Analyst Jason Longshore joined Dukes & Bell to talk about the team’s draw against the Union, who has been the best player on the team thus far, and why the team isnt’ getting more shots on goal.

Jason talked about the team’s performance last night.

 “The penetration was a little bit better, it was much improved from the game against Cincinnati.” Longshore said “Possession is great, but when you’re not creating more chances and getting more shots on goal it’s still not good enough.”

Longshore discussed some of the formation changes during the game.

 “Nagbe never played out wide, he played as a 10 to start things.” Longshore said “Parkhurst moved to leftback because he changed the formation to a 4-4-2 because of what Philadelphia was doing. I think it worked, the best chance of the first half was Parkhurst thru to Josef where he hit the crossbar, they improved due to the moves.”

When asked about Miles Robinson’s elevated play this season.

 “Confidence, I think It’s that straight up.” Longshore said “Now when you pair him up defensively he’s getting the job done, I think he’s the best player for Atlanta United so far this season, and will be a player for the US National team very soon.”

Longshore talked about the disappointing start to Pity Martinez’s season.

 “Different league, different style. I think he’s feeling the pressure right now, a lot of money spent on him to come to this league, this is a different style.” Longshore said “I also think he’s not quite fit, but he is feeling the pressure from replacing Miguel Almiron and he’s not the same player, he’s not a guy who’s game is based off speed his game is based off of possession.