Longshore: No words can describe the atmosphere 

Dukes & Bell
November 26, 2018 - 3:14 pm

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Jason Longshore joined Dukes & Bell and told the guys how he felt about the atmosphere in Mercedes Benz yesterday “I don’t have any words, all the work the supporters groups did, to design the “Tifo” around the stadium to lay it out was amazing. They did it for the short reaction at the end of the anthem, and Julian Gressel told us it did give the team a boost.”

 Jason told the guys he was baffled by the Red Bulls tactical decisions in the game “I kept waiting for the Red Bulls to step up and press, were they trying to conserve energy, the Red Bulls have one way they tactically want to play and for them to go away from it was shocking.”

When asked about Franco Escobar’s performance “The guy has SEC speed, Escobar came to Atlanta as a guy who was starting to get some time in Argentina, he’s player that shows the work of the scouting department, he’s kind of a diamond in the rough who has really been learning a new position. He came here as a raw product, his touch hasn’t been great, he made a play where he had a bad touch loses the ball then wins it back and gets a throw his hard work all season has been contagious.”

 Longshore told the guys what he thinks the United needs to do to advance to the MLS Cup on Thursday “I don’t think you change a thing, you come in with the exact same posture as you did yesterday, the Red Bulls not pressing just made Atlanta’s plan better when they saw the pressure wasn’t there it made them more patient. Without bunkering down Atlanta has given up only 5 shots on goal the entire playoffs.”