Longshore: United lost game in first 40 minutes; before weather factored in

Dukes & Bell
April 01, 2019 - 5:03 pm

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Atlanta United analyst Jason Longshore joined Dukes & Bell to talk to the guys about the disappointing loss to Columbus on Saturday night.

Jason said the first 40 minutes is why they lost not the weather.

“You gave up a goal in the second minute when the field was playable.” Longshore said “You then gave up a goal in the 38th minute and the match was over at that point, because then the field became unplayable.”

Longshore gave the guys an update on Franco Escobar.

 “He came off and was mentioned as an abductor injury.” Longshore said “This team plays better as a four man back line, if Escobar can’t go then you still need to stay in a four man back line.

Jason told the guys why they can’t replicate the success the team had with Tata and Almiron.

 “You can’t replicate it because you’re missing the key component to it.” Longshore said “Now you’ve had enough time to learn that this team has a little more balance and look more comfortable with a four man back line, I think you’ve figured out a few things that make this team tick. Barco on the ball as the administrator, this match on April 13th is about as much of a must win as this team has ever had this early.”