Gressel: Would love to play for US National team 

Dukes & Bell
June 20, 2019 - 3:15 pm

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Atlanta United’s Julian Gressel joined Dukes & Bell and talked about the US Open Cup, the team’s recent hot streak and playing for the US National team?

Gressel said when the time comes the team is excited to go for another trophy with US Open cup.

 “When the time comes.” Gressel said “We have four huge matchups in the MLS against four good teams in the eastern conference and be solidified in the playoff race, but when we go back to the US open cup it’s three games for a trophy.”

Julian talked about the team coming together with Frank de Boer after early struggles.

 “Yeah of course.” Gressel said “I think both sides have changed, not just Frank but the players and you just have to compromise on some things. When the season started and things didn’t go our way we changed things on both sides and met some on some common ground.”

When asked about recent comments on playing for the US National team.

 “Yeah I’ve said it recently.” Gressel “If it ever comes to the point where I could be a part of it, I love the US and I love living here so if it ever comes to that I point I would love to play for the US.”