Parkhurst on early season struggles: 'We knew we would turn it around'

Dukes & Bell
May 16, 2019 - 3:29 pm

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Atlanta United Captain Michael Parkhurst joined Dukes & Bell to talk about the team’s winning streak, why the defense has been so stout, and how frustrated was the team at the beginning of the year.

 Parkey said every year the schedule gets crazy.

 “It’s a little unfortunate.” Parkhurst said “Every year the schedule gets crazy at some point, this year it’s compounded by the fact that we have some west coast trips and midweek games, a Friday game and it definitely takes a toll. That’s why Nagbe and myself stayed here, but we’ve made it work to this point and we want to keep it going.”

Michael talked about why the defense has been so good lately.

 “I think the whole team has a really good grasp of what Frank wants us to do on defense.” Parkhurst said “How we want to press, guys are making plays when they need to, Miles and Leandro have been fantastic all year long, Brad has been as well. We want to keep this going as long as possible, we know it won’t last forever.”

Parkhurst talked about the team being close to finishing on offense more frequently.

 “We’re close to scoring more goals.” Parkhurst said “I don’t think the offense will be as dynamic as it was, were missing the most dynamic player in the MLS when we sold Miggy, but we’re going to score more goals and some of it is we’ve been unlucky like last night the goalie made three unreal saves.”

When asked about the team’s frustration early in the season.

 “There was some frustration.” Parkhurst said “I think some guys get more frustrated than others, for myself there wasn’t that much, we knew a lot of it was the champions league and the short off-season. When you get on a roll positively of negatively thinks are tough to stop, it was way too early in the season for those things to happen honestly it was more to make sure the fans knew we were going to turn it around, we knew we would turn it around.”