Falcons give Austin Hooper a taste of free agency

Duane Walker
February 27, 2020 - 2:23 am

Sports twitter had a lot to say when they found out the Atlanta Falcons decided to let tight end Austin Hooper test free agency.




Duane disagrees with a lot of fans and says that the Falcons will be signing Austin Hooper for a fact and will not let him go anywhere. “I think the Falcons know good and gosh darn well where this market is going to land for Austin Hooper.”

 Unfortunately, Duane thinks Hooper will not get $10 million from the Falcons. He might get a 4yr $34 million a year.  Duane reminds us of tight end Greg Olsen who got $8 million to play with the Seattle Seahawks. Although Hooper is younger than Olsen, he’s in the same range, maybe a little higher, “but I don’t see our Atlanta Falcons paying more than $8 million per [year> for Hooper”.

It doesn’t matter how close he is to Matt Ryan when it comes down to the money, the Falcons will get skimpy.