Batter Up! Pod: Clock is Ticking on Baseball To End Fight

Will Palaszczuk
May 27, 2020 - 1:42 pm

Major League Baseball has run out of time for posturing.

Multiple media outlets report that an agreement, or at least the framework of a plan to return to play, needs to be in place by June 6th in order hit the target start date of Independence Day.

After Tuesday's back-and-forth discussion between MLB & its players, it seems the sides are no closer to coming to an accord than when they first started.

The main talking points remain the player's steadfast belief that they should receive the full amount of their previously agreed to prorated salaries, while the owners insist they do not have the cash flow available to meet those demands.

Many teams have announced staff furloughs for off-the-field personnel, and one team, the Oakland Athletics, said they are unable to compensate their Minor League players after June 1st.

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