Batter Up! Pod: Everything You Need to Know About MLB Negotiations

Will Palaszczuk
May 13, 2020 - 8:50 pm

Major League Baseball finds itself in a curious divide between its owners and players over the terms in which the 2020 baseball season will proceed.

The owners’ proposal of 50/50 revenue split with unclear health and safety guidelines fell on deaf ears of the MLB Players Association.

With players speaking about different concerns including those extending to the well-being of their families, the league finds itself on the verge of a burgeoning public relations mess.

Our team of Will Palaszczuk, Joe Patrick & Caleb Johnson with the Batter Up! Podcast details the basis behind the divide and the root of the players’ skepticism of the owners’ intentions.

The guys also get into the direct impact for the Braves on the field, and why they might be set up better than other teams.

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