Best is yet to come with Falcons run game

Dukes & Bell
September 18, 2019 - 6:08 pm

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Atlanta Falcons Tight End Austin Hooper joined Dukes & Bell to talk all things Falcons with the guys.

Hooper talked about the locker room celebration after the Eagles win on Sunday night.

 “It always feels good to win.” Hooper said “It’s really difficult to win in this league, so when the good comes you have to celebrate it, that’s what training camp is for so when you get that chance to celebrate you take advantage of that fifteen to 20 minutes to celebrate, it’s probably my favorite thing to do.”

When asked if that was the most physical game he’s ever played in.

“I thought the season opener last year against them was the most physical game I’ve ever played against them.” Hooper said “This was my third or fourth time playing those guys, I had a pretty good feel for how they use their guys, and knowing what Malcolm Jenkins likes to do and he’s the tell for their secondary and what they’re doing.”

Austin told the guys that the best is yet to come in Falcons run game.

 “I don’t think it’s time for everyone to say the sky is falling.” Hooper said “But I’ve had the play where 10 people are blocking their guys and then I lost leverage, and it’s happen to everyone on the team. You saw it, our plays are either boom or bust, it’s just one of those things that we have to tighten up on, its one cohesive unit that will get better the more reps we get together.”