Maggette: 'I'd run through a wall for foul-mouthed Coach K'

The Midday Show w/ Andy & Randy
August 09, 2018 - 11:47 am

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Corey Maggette, captain of Team Power with the BIG 3, hung out live with The Midday Show with Rick and John on Thursday.

Maggette mentioned that he was able to pick his squad and that’s a big reason they are doing so well this season. He told us it’s a blessing to still be able to play after all the injuries he has been through in his career.

The locker room presence of the guys on his team and how they become laser-focused when they hit the court under the watchful eye of their coach Nancy Lieberman is great said Maggette.

Maggette told us the Big 3 has been a resurgence for former players who still have the passion and desire to play the game after they retired from the NBA.

The conversation moved to college hoops and Maggette described his relationship to Coach K and what it was like to meet him for the first time with his grandfather. He joked that when he got to Duke the Coach K that came to his house was not the same one who stood in front of him in Cameron indoor.

Maggette told us Coach K instills in players a work ethic like no other and that’s why players are willing to run through a wall for him and ranked Coach K as the No. 1 guy with a foul mouth that he played for. ​