Bender: 'Big 10 has the most legitimate playoff contenders, SEC still deepest conference'

Randy McMichael
August 12, 2018 - 11:38 am

© Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports


National College Football Writer Bill Bender from Sporting News joined Jon and Randy to talk about several teams around the country. Bender said, “I have been asked the question about what’s the best conference a lot….The Big 10 has the most legitimate playoff contenders but the SEC is still deeper top to bottom.”

Bender was asked about Auburn heading into the 2018 season and he responded, “I think the opener vs Washington is critical for Auburn in many ways. The loser of this is essentially out of the playoffs especially Auburn with their schedule.”

Bender on UGA, “They are extremely talented but they need to replace the leadership of guys like Chubb and Michel.” Bender went on to say that Georgia is one more recruiting cycle away from potentially coming the next Alabama.

Bender on Georgia Tech, “If they go 6-6 again this year what are they going to do?” Bender said this is a pivotal year for the Yellow Jackets. Bender went on to say, “Right now the ACC is Clemson and everyone else.” Bender also said that if I had to put money on one team to make the playoff it would be Clemson. Bender said that Alabama’s road to the playoff is much more complicated than Clemson.