Blank: Fully expects Falcons to be in playoffs in 2020

Dukes & Bell
January 29, 2020 - 5:52 pm

Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank joined Dukes & Bell, and talked  what his expectations are for next season.

Blank told the guys that he expects the team to be competitive next year and competing in the playoffs.

 “I wouldn’t say it’s a number, if it was a number I would tell you the number.” Blank said “I’ve said this since I bought the team in 2001 our first season, this team should be a very competitive team and we have over the last 20 years we’ve won percentage wise probably 51% more than the team prior had won since 1966 but that’s yesterday and today is today. I fully expect our team to be very competitive, I fully expect our team to be competitive and actually competing in the playoffs next year and that’s my hope. And it’s not wishful thinking we have a very talented roster and I don’t see any reason why that cannot become a reality.”