Brad Guzan: 'There's a buzz around the training grounds'

Dukes & Bell
March 02, 2018 - 11:21 am
Brad Guzan

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Atlanta United goalkeeper Brad Guzan joined Carl Dukes and Mike Bell on Thursday to talk about the upcoming match for the Five Stripes, their season opener in Houston. The guys spoke about:

  • The injury to midfielder Ezequiel Barco and how that'll play out for the next few weeks.
  • Guzan looked back to the 2017 season and explained how 2018 will be better because he'll be able to spend all his time here in Atlanta. "It's all about the continuity and cohesiveness amongst all the guys on the field, and that's only going to benefit from being here for the entire year," said Guzan. "Being able to go through preseason, being able to know the guys that much more on and off the field, hopefully we have that understanding. The biggest part of that is getting the new guys who have joined us up to speed and how we want to play as a style, as a team and just know the strengths and weakenssses of the guys around them. Its important not just for myself but it's important for all of us to have that bond."
  • How he looks at film and video of opponents. Every play in soccer is different so its not memorization as much as looking at tendencies. Soccer player probably don't look at film in as much depth as NFL players and coaches.
  • How the team will replace Carlos Carmona.
  • Are Atlanta United marked men? Expectations for 2018: "Year 2 is going to present its own challeneges. We no longer have that surprise element."
  • The choice words he sometimes hears from fantasy soccer fans. Carl Dukes has Guzan on his fantasy team.
  • The difference between playing on the road and at home. "I wouldnt say conservative, but you're more aware of your surroundings." Guzan said you have to find a way to pick up a point on the road.
  • His health: "I'm feeling young. There's a buzz around the training grounds, theres a buzz around the team, in the locker room."