"The Braves Are Doing Something Robb Has Never Seen"

Robb Tribble
June 02, 2018 - 6:18 pm
Ender Inciarte

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In Hour 1 Robb as a homegrown long time braves fan has seen something they makes him a believer in these Atlanta Braves.

They are the most aggressive team of his lifetime in the past the braves were waiting on the vaunted 3 run home run

This Team is the first to third braves robb has always wanted watching Ozzie helmet fly off

The braves could go 500 and they would win 86 games still this is a solid core to spend money on in 2019

Brian Snitker could be a hipster in skinny jeans in this clubhouse robb wonders

they have played the best of the best 43 of their 57 games were against 500. records or better