Braves facing must win in Game 2

Dukes & Bell
October 04, 2019 - 3:12 pm

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92.9 the Game Braves insider Joe Patrick joined the show to talk about the Braves-Cardinals divisional series. 

Joe said the team has confidence in Folty.

 “I think you have to have confidence in Folty based on what we’ve seen from him the past few months.” Patrick said “Unfortunately he’s only second to the guyhe is facing tonight in Jack Flaherty. He’s won some of these big pitching matchups, the night the Braves won the division he had his best start of the season, and the Braves are going to need him to deliver again because this feels like a must win.”

Patrick talked about how big the Chris Martin injury really was.

 “The Chris Martin injury really threw everyone for a loop.” Patrick said “Mark Melancon took it on his shoulders, which you do like to see from your closer and honestly that was the story of the game. It was not a normal save situation for him, he came in the middle of that inning, so you just hope a similar situation doesn’t arise again tonight.”

When asked about what losing the divisional series would mean for Braves season.

 “If they lose this division series it will be a failure by this team this year.” Patrick said “This team always planned to win this many games, if they don’t win this division series you can’t say they achieved their goals. They do expect to win this series and it would be a big disappointment for those guys in that locker-room.”