Braves have chance to buck trend in playoffs

Dukes & Bell
September 18, 2019 - 3:57 pm

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Atlanta Braves Legend Dale Murphy joined Dukes & Bell to talk some Braves, and about the team having a chance to buck the trend in the playoffs.

Dale said what Markakis has done has been impressive.

 “The talk of the town was they should have rested him before the injury.” Murphy said “Now he’s rested and ready to go, this little stint that he’s done after being out is sometimes more impressive than stuff you do the entire season.”

Can Ronald Acuña Jr. get to 40/40?

 “They may rest Acuña and he may miss that opportunity.” Murphy said “I don’t remember when I stole my 30th base when I had 30/30 but I was done, that’s how hard it is. This is something I think he’s going to have the opportunity to accomplish more, Ronald likes to run and hitting leadoff I just think he’s going to have a chance at this again.”

Murphy said the Braves have a chance to buck the trend in the playoffs.

 “The first two guys in our lineup can cause some havoc in the playoffs.” Murphy said “I know Snit gives them the green light, but right now the trend is go station to station and wait for the home run, I say lets buck the trend and let these guys run and wreak havoc in the playoffs.”